The African Institute of reference in vocational training in industrial control and monitoring fields in Morocco




We provide services to excel continually with optimized means. We improve permanently to progress and increases our skills. We require high quality of rigor to respect our rules of morality and safety.


We place the respect of people at the heart of the ethics. The Equity, the Honesty, the Loyalty, the Integrity, the Public-spiritedness and the Transparency are principles which make our compartments corrects, and irreproachable towards our partners and customers.

Team Building

We have a vision which expresses a big ambition. The way to reach it implies the respect, the sharing of the skills and the experiences in a spirit of solidarity and mutual aid among all the members of our staff.


We focus our commitment, to develop, the profitability, the performance and the safety of our customers that shown by the continuous improvement of the human skills and in the adequacy between post and profile.


We focus our awareness on our clients expectations. We have a strength willingness to build with each client a relationship based on trust and closeness.  We look after permanent improvement, using best practices in term of technology and education resources.

Social and environmental responsibility

We grow our commitment to society, as a partner and actor of the economic, societal and environmental development in all the countries where we provide our activities.