The African Institute of reference in vocational training in industrial control and monitoring fields in Morocco



IRA AFRIQUE is the first Center of continuous training in Morocco, in Africa and the Middle East, for the industries.

IRA AFRIQUE provides high-level training whether on catalog or measure according to customer expectations. All the IRA AFRIQUE training programs are assured by trainers qualified and recognized in the domains of the Instrumentation and Regulation - the Advanced Control - the on-line Analysis - the Metrology and Measure - the Automatism - the Industrial Electricity - the Energy - the Safety - Hydraulic and Thermal Industry - the Environment and sustainable development.

Our Training programs are based on a participative pedagogy of high quality associating the theoretical and practical classes.

Development of the workforce skills

Besides the continuing training, IRA AFRIQUE helps companies to develop its workforce skills and to assess its Human Resources by supporting them in the process of recruitment and follow-up of their training via a global process of the Engineering of Training.

IRA AFRIQUE centers its efforts on the information of its customers by the implementation of the multidisciplinary library, normative and statutory collection of documents, and experts' databases.

Our Center also offers space for exchange, advice and cooperation around the activities of the fields of expertise of IRA AFRIQUE.