The African Institute of reference in vocational training in industrial control and monitoring fields in Morocco



Today, IRA AFRIQUE joins African and European partners of high quality. Their experiences in the training domains represent a large benefit for the development of IRA AFRIQUE.


IRA ARLES, the Institute of Regulation and Automation, is a leader in training in control-command and industrial processes. He accompanies through his expertise, industrial companies in the management of their skills and their technological evolutions, since almost half a century.

cimCIM EQUIPMENT is a Moroccan Company created in 1986 and acquired a recognized control in various domains as the energy (Oil and gas), the Food-processing Industry (Sugar Refinery), the Chemical industry, the distribution and the Electricity production.

It becomes a national reference in the domains of the industrial engineering, the automatism and the regulation thanks to the confidence renewed of his customers.

It opens today in Africa (Senegal, Congo, Cameroon, Algeria..) and in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) with the same principles and the same values which made his force in Morocco.


IRA AFRIQUE was created in partnership with the Territorial Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Country of Arles France through IRA ARLES, Institute of Regulation and Automation.