The African Institute of reference in vocational training in industrial control and monitoring fields in Morocco



IRA AFRIQUE is a center for training and transfer of knowledge in Morocco, Africa and the Middle East.

It was created in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry territorial of Arles France through IRA Arles whose experience is around the half-century in the service of the industry with a Masters in several sectors of activity.

Theoretical Training Rooms

Training is one of the main vectors of competitiveness. The company has need of highly qualified personnel to meet the challenges of technical, economic and environmental. We assure with professionalism.

The capitalization of knowledge and experiences and the provision of this base of knowledge and experience accumulated over several years are excellent levers of performance.


Training Room System

Acquisition of theoretical skills, practical and methodological to integrate the bases of the profession through a systemic approach taking into account the technological developments, methodological and socio-economic order to understand, use and exploit the best means put in place by the organizations.

Test bench

Our training courses cover several technical trades as Instrumentation, the Regulation, the Control Command, Electricity, Energy, Metrology, Security, and the Environment.

These are essential for all Industries and Process. Knowing What, Where and How to: measure, communicate and transmit the different information related to the process. Like many techniques that allow a better profitability on site production.

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Theoretical training based on system of control


Practical training based on simulations on the system before you proceed to the benches of tests


Anslysis of a control loop on a test bench and verification of results of the simulation.


Adjustment of control parameters to obtain a stability of the system